The History of 'Richie Roo by Chloe'

In Loving Memory of Slippy Rich aka Richie (April 2018 - October 2022)

After a few years in the graphic design industry, I decided to go down my own route, and bring the world ‘Richie Roo by Chloe’. 'Richie Roo' isn’t just a name, it was the name of my adopted rescue greyhound that I shared with my partner. I spoke to Richie like he was listening, I sang to him like he was enjoying it, and he loved a sneaky hug when I was on the sofa watching TV. He also loved a good run in the garden, and loved meeting new friends at the park.

Here at ‘Richie Roo by Chloe’ you can find an ever growing range of collars, harnesses, leads, and accessories for your own beloved little pup (greyhound or not), and best of all they are handmade in Romford, UK and 100% Vegan.

Founder & Designer

Hiya, I'm Chloe, the founder of 'RichieRooByChloe'. I'm a Graphic Designer by education, but love to make anything from sewing, to knitting. I love to learn new things, and 'RichieRooByChloe' gives me a chance to show the world what I love to do.

Richie Roo

I'm Richie, I've made my way across the rainbow bridge, but hu-mum likes to say I was her inspiration for RRBC. I was only with my forever family for 6 months, but they made my last few months unforgettable.

Princess Dishy
Assistant & Princess

Hello all, I'm Dishy, racing name Breakndish. Hu-mum & hu-dad fostered me in December (just before Christmas) then adopted me on the 1st January 2023, guess they love me! I'm already helping with stuff (especially making a mess with my toys!)