Harness Specs

Please take time to read the 2 options RRBC has to offer, and get back to me with all the answers at the end of this page.

Understand that all harnesses are made to order, and are tailored to fit your pup, so I may be in contact with you if any other further information is needed after you send me your form.

This offer is only available within the UK.

  • Standard Harness

    This harness loops around the neck, as well as the chest. Great for any dog.

  • Harness (with Waist Loop)

    This harness is perfect for any dog that is an escape artist. It has an extra loop around the waist so they are extra secure when on a walky.

  • Black Plastic Buckle

    These buckles are strong, but some dogs may be a bit too strong for them. These are perfect for small to large dogs (like a smaller greyhound female).

  • Silver Metal Buckle

    These buckles are much stronger than the plastic buckles. They are perfect for strong dogs, but please check your harness / collar every time before a walk to check it's still in top notch condition.

  • LOLA

    Lilac flowers on a cream background


    Bright red strawberries on a navy background with suttle white dots

  • LADY

    Little pink flamingos on a white background


    Little white stars and dots on a baby blue background

  • STAR

    Shooting Stars on Blue/Navy background


    White & black hens on a dirty blue background


    Bumblebees on yellow honeycomb

  • JACK

    Ocean blue & white stripes with a pirate theme

What about the pricing?

We provide one set rate for a harness (unlike our collars). It just depends if you want to upgrade your buckles and add an additional waist loop to your harness.

Standard Harness with Plastic Buckle: £45.00
Standard Harness with Metal Buckle: £55.00

Add a Waist Loop + £10.00


Add a Lead to your order (exclusive to harness orders):

1 Metre with D Ring: £11.00
1.5 Metre with D Ring: £13.00

Add a Seat Belt Clip + £3.00

Now what should I send to get my harness (and lead)?

What Richie Roo by Chloe needs to know:

Type of Harness: (delete not applicable)
Harness (Standard) / Harness (with Waist Loop)

Size of Pup (in inches):
E: (if applicable)

Buckle Type: (delete not applicable)
Plastic Buckle / Metal Buckle

Name of Design:
* see available designs / material above eg. JACK.

Optional Lead: (delete not applicable)
1 Metre / 1.5 Metre
Without / With Seat Belt Clip